Freud and Hansel and Gretel

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Description for Characters
2) Hansel - Hansel is a 14 year old Caucasian male and his ethnicity is German. He has had no formal education, but learned what he could from his father and mother while they were both alive. He is very skinny and has an average health at the beginning of the story. His social status is fairly low as a person within the forest; this is because he is poor, has a lack of resources and was not born as a female witch. Hansel on a daily basis attempts to help his father gather food, although he is not very good at it. When Hansel has free time he enjoys exploring in the forest.
2) Gretel - Gretel is a 13 year old Caucasian female and she shares her brother’s ethnicity. She is the same as her brother in regards to education, social status and health but has differing roles and activities based on gender. Gretel manages the house while her father and brother are out; her stepmother however, does not assist her when promised.
2) Witch – The witch is 112 years old Caucasian Female and her ethnicity is most likely German. She has a great education since she has the means and connections to other witches in order to get one. Furthermore, her social status is very high and she is in great health due to the salves and potions available to witches. Day to day, she receives pearls, jewels and other valuables from the lower classes in the forest, as her people dominate the forest and set a law for taxes without services because of it. In a group setting, the witch collaborates with other witches in finding the most effective way of getting more valuables.
Additions Made to Story
2) -Ages, races, ethnicities, education, daily routines, health and activities were never stated in the story
2) -Made Hansel, Gretel, th...

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