Bloody Sunday

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Bloody Sunday The sequence of events known as "Bloody Sunday" has some very differing interpretations. The main two being those of the British paratroopers stationed in Northern Ireland at the time and the Catholics marching on the day and their families. Each side has stood firmly by their interpretations, but new evidence has led to some changes in opinion. The Catholics who were marching have remained adamant that they were fired on first. They believed that none of those shot had been in contact with explosives, although the Widgery inquiry 'ruled that many of those who had been shot had been handling weapons.' Many Nationalists were under the impression that the attack on the marchers was pre-planned. Source C, written in a recent newspaper report shows how Mr Porter, a British man, heard some off duty paratroopers saying they were going to "clear the bog" some Nationalists read into statements such as this as meaning clearing the barricades which they had put up to protect themselves. They felt as though even though the army had been brought in to protect them they were ignoring their needs and were only there to get members of the IRA. There was a building tension as every day in the months leading up to "Bloody Sunday" there was rioting in the city, Rioters operating out of Free Derry would pelt the army with stones at a place known as "agro corner" and for a good reason. Perhaps it is this endless rioting that made some members of the army based in Northern Ireland fired up and ready to kill, also the sheer number of Nationalist protestors could have been intimidating enough to evoke a reaction from some of the younger, less experienced soldiers. When the opportunity came for them to release some of their pent up aggravations they were only too willing to. The Bloody Sunday documentary film portrayed the army as being aggravated, one soldier admitted to firing 22 rounds but he remained resolute that the marchers had fired on them first, and that nail and acid bombs had

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