The Sabbath

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The Sabbath

The Sabbath (Saturday) is the Jewish holy day of rest it marks gods

rest after creation of the

World. Christians celebrate sun day as their holy day because Jesus

rose from the dead on Sunday. Every Sunday is a celebration of the


For Christians, Sunday is the day on which time should be set aside

for the worship of god.

The Jewish Sabbath


Sabbath is a Hebrew word meaning ‘rest’.

Sabbath is the day of rest in Judaism. It begins at sunset on Friday

and lasts until sunset on Saturday.

In the Ten Commandments the reason given for the Sabbath being a holy

day is that after god had created the world in six days he rested on

the seventh.

Jews keep Sabbath as a holy day set aside for god. It is celebrated at

home with special family meal on Friday evening and with synagogue

worship, unnecessary work is avoided. Sabbath is a day to be honoured

and enjoyed as a gift from god.

The Pharisees


The Pharisees had a great deal of influence in the synagogues and in

every Jewish community. They devoted their lives to studying the

Torah. To make sure that gods commandments were followed in daily

lives they created many extra rules on matters such as washing,

eating, the Sabbath and festivals. Jesus said that the Pharisees had

created too many laws, making the religious life a burden rather then

a joy.

The Pharisees created very selfish laws that were mostly beneficial

towards them and not for the Sabbath and once Jesus was picking corn

with his disciples and they questioned the disciples and criticized

them because technically they were working (harvesting) on the

Sabbath. Jesus replied by talking about a time when king David and his

men broke the law by eating some of the holy bread at the shrine, the

law said only priest could eat it, but the priest offered it to him

because their was nothing else to eat.
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