Black Culture In American Culture

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Black culture is the epitome of what defines America’s understanding of cool. It is difficult to define what it means to be cool without stating the influence or impact of the culture. The idea of cool developed as a social attitude implemented by black men during slavery which they used as a defense mechanism in order to cope with exploitation and injustice. It is now spread by hip hop culture which has integrated itself into mainstream society. As a result, black culture continues to play a vital role in America due to its innovative and creature nature. As hip hop culture became prevalent in pop culture, so did black culture. Hip hop stems from black struggle. Their vernacular, songs, and spiritual ways were different from what whites were used to. Their different lifestyle of “living on the edge” was intriguing yet inaccessible for the whites living among them. Thus, this initiated America’s fascination with the culture. It became about what people assume and perceive about black people rather than what they actually are. In essence, an essential to cool is being on the outside, looking in. In the media and celebrities today, …show more content…

They have become more infatuated with the novelty and difference in lifestyles rather than the issues black people face. The media takes advantage of this attraction, and treats the culture as entertainment, demeaning black creations while not really caring about the people who make up the culture. Many individuals love the idea of black culture but do not want to face the real and uncomfortable conflicts associated with black identity such as police brutality, racism, colorism, and intersectionality. If white people are able to partake in something so essential to black identity such as music or hairstyles, why should they feel limited to speak on real and current

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