The Cool-Pose of African American Young Men

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The Cool Pose is described as the new ways African America males are learning how to cope with hardships involving race and discrimination. This reading explains how African-American men are learning that one can gain success through the use of violence, impatience, and hostility towards other individuals. The way they walk, talk, and express themselves, allow society to favor the young, impoverished black male. Not only does the cool pose bring them a certain sense of success, but also it brands a sense of individuality on the African-American members can identify with. The cool behavior also is a way for these males to hide their inner feelings based on their daily struggles. The cool-pose culture of young black men is gratifying. These young men are dependent on this life style of imitating hip-hop culture. The positive of adopting “cool pose” is the fact that it gives the individual a sense of belonging, confidence and success. Unfortunately the positives are derivative of the negatives. Though, much of the confidence and belonging comes from being a part of a group of people ...
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