Bitter Sweet Symphony by Erin Flannery

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Bitter Sweet Symphony by Erin Flannery

True, it was a hard decision when I was decided which of my classmatesí papers to choose as ìthe one.î I considered a question when trying to decide. I asked myself, ìWhat purpose this time capsule will serve?î My answer told me that the song inside this time capsule must be one that can still teach a message while telling the future generation something about our time. I believe the culmination to this answer was found in Erin Flanneryís ìBitter Sweet Symphony.î The title is fairly self-explanatory when it refers to the word bittersweet. That is what life is. We canít expect only the good or the bad. Life is a heterogeneous mixture of both. Yet this mixture comes together in a harmonious conglomerate that is altogether something beautiful.

We have the chance to give the future generation a gift. We can give them the answers before they encounter the questions. We can give the help theyíll need before they need it. No oneís perfect when dealing with life. Weíre only here for a short time, why not make it the best time you can? Life throws things at people and one has to be able to cope and learn to solve them as best as they can. As Rolling Stone eloquently put it, ìthe lyrics address the need to cope (Wiederhorn).î In life, people are going to encounter problems no matter how hard they try to get around them. This song recognizes that fact and addresses it. The truth seems hard to come by these days. In my life, it is something I strive to give and receive. Thereís no telling how many times one person has been lied to. Letís just not mention that whole Lewinsky thing. ìBittersweet Symphonyî donates the truth to the future. No sugarcoating or hiding of facts takes place. The lyrics say, ìtry to make ends meet youíre a slave to money then you die . . .î As life is, the song is inclusive of the good and the bad. Without the bad, how would we know of the good and vice versa? This common thread of truth connects us and the future.

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