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    its feet and a huge company to its knees. In a world where heroes are often in short supply, the story of Erin Brockovich is an inspirational reminder of the power of the human spirit. Her passion, tenacity and steadfast desire to fight for the rights of the underdog defied the odds ... her victory made even more sweet by the fact that while helping others, she in turn helped herself. Erin Brockovich is a stirring, funny and unconventional drama based on true events, starring two-time Academy Award

  • Erin Brockavich

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    At the opening of the film we see Erin struggling: as a single mother, as a human being with potential, courage and individuality, and as a sexual being as well. Erin is a St. Joan of the white underclass, a Green Guerrilla, Mother Jones and Madonna all rolled into one. Unlike the image of second wave feminism which distanced itself from any robust sexuality it felt to be reductive at best or degrading at worst, Brockovich's iconic status is post-"third wave" feminist, that is, eroticized, as it

  • Erin Brockovich

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    The movie describes the story of Erin Brockovich who is a struggling single mother who becomes connected to Ed Masry’s law firm because of an unfortunate car accident, and begins working at the law firm out of desperation for an income. As she spends time filing papers as a clerk, she becomes interested in the human nature of the medical cases and persuades Ed Masry to allow her to investigate further. Empathy; the movie is plenty of scenes and situations where Erin Brockovich shows her ability to

  • Erin Brockovich

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    Erin Brockovich Erin Brockovich, directed by Steven Soderbergh and written by Susannah Grant, is based on the true story surrounding the film's protagonist. Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts) personifies a young and energetic, unemployed single mother who has neither money nor education to back up her unshakable principles and her determination to support her family. It is a film in which there is a very strong feeling of two scenarios; these being the notorious 'American Dream' so often utilised

  • The Accomplishments of Erin Brockovich

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    Erin Brockovich is an environmental activist and writer who became well known after she won a 330 million-dollar lawsuit against Pacific Gas and Electric in 1996. In 2000 the film Erin Brockovich came out and made her even more recognized. Erin has made many accomplishments in her life. I think the three key accomplishments in her life are overcoming being a single mother of three, winning the lawsuit against Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and becoming and environmental activist. The first key

  • A Glimpse of Erin Brockavich

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    Erin Brockovich was born in 22-06-1960 Her home state is Lawrence, Kansas the place where she was born in. Erin was the youngest children in her house. Her father Frank was an instructor and described as her hero as she grew the realized hat her father’s stories about water were real Frank dad used to say that water one day would became a commodity . This statement clicked her mind at all times.A a little girl she dreamed about being a doctor, but society , family , friends didn't believe

  • Biography and Legacy of Erin Gruwell

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    Education is a massive part of the world today and it is important every student is able to reach their fullest potential. Erin Gruwell, born in southern California on August 15, 1969, roves to be a symbol of hope and change as she forever changed the lives of her troubled high school students at Woodrow Wilson High School who were “written off by the education system”(Rea,2012) by allowing them a voice and instilling infinite potential in every student. Long before Gruwell became a teacher she aspired

  • Analysis Of The Movie Erin Brockovich

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    Summary Of The Movie The movie Erin Brockovich, directed by Steven Soderbergh, is based on a true story, and is an award winning film, starring Julia Roberts (Erin Brockovich), Albert Finney (Ed Masry) and Aaron Eckhart (George). Erin Brockovich is an unemployed single mother of three, who has been looking for a job but does not get accepted, as she is not professional, in terms of image and communication, and does not have the necessary skills. Driving home to fetch her kids from the nanny, she

  • Ethical Errors in Erin Brokovich

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    Erin Brokovich, based on a true story, is a story about an intriguing single mother named Erin whose actions eventually lead to the biggest lawsuit against any corporation in history. Struggling, the ball starts rolling for Erin when she gets into a car accident. Her lawyer thinks she will win in a court case from her accident, but they lose. In compensation for the loss, Erin is given a job at the law firm and begins to dig into a case against Pacific Gas and Electric when she finds out they are

  • An Analysis of the Opening of Erin Brockovich

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    An Analysis of the Opening of Erin Brockovich Erin Brockovich is a film based on the true story of a poor single mother who becomes a lawyer. The film is basically a comedy drama, although not laugh out loud funny, just ironically funny. Steven Soderbergh directs it, and it is his 12th film after his hugely successful film 'Traffic'. The first scene is in some sort of doctor's office; she is applying for a job. The first thing I noticed when watching this is the position of the camera