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  • Bittersweet

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    Bittersweet In the novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick and in the motion picture The Matrix, by the Wachowski brothers, both stories enclose worlds that relate because the humans are repressed against their will and are living under the parameters of machines. In each, the worlds are slightly different, in, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? The inhabitants opt to enter an altered world where machines control their consciousness. As opposed to The Matrix, the world

  • Leaving for College - A Heartbreaking and Bittersweet Experience

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    Leaving for College - A Heartbreaking and Bittersweet Experience “Here’s to the nights we felt alive, here’s to the tears we knew you’d cry, here’s to goodbye, tomorrow’s gonna come too soon.” - Eve 6. I’ve heard this song many times before, but it took me so long to finally understand the real meaning behind it. The last night I spent in Tucson before moving away to college has proved to be the most heartbreaking and bittersweet life experience I’ve ever had to endure, yet it is also my fondest

  • Sweeteners

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    Theodore Roosevelt, a diabetic, fought the idea. He said, "My doctor gives it to me every day...Anybody who says saccharin is injurious to health is an idiot"(Corcoran 12). Saccharin survived the onslaught for another forty years. It wasn't until the bittersweet chemical hit the mainstream consumer market in such things as diet sodas, pharmaceuticals, and chewing gum that it came under fire again. Scientists suggested that saccharin might be a carcinogen in 1951. In 1958, however, saccharin was added to

  • Offred's Narrative Technique in The Handmaid's Tale

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    "...We lived, as usual, by ignoring...". Another strong reason for to long for the past is that she was basically happy there, she had a daughter and a lover, both of which she was removed from by the Gilead regime. Her longing for the past is bittersweet, although it has many memories for her, not all of them are happy. Also, whenever she thinks of the past, she is reminded of how awful her present situation is, she is reminded of what she has lost. Perhaps that is why she refers to the past as

  • Arjie’s Journey in Shyam Selvadurai’s Funny Boy

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    Arjie’s Journey in Shyam Selvadurai’s Funny Boy Growing up during a time of violent political upheaval in Sri Lanka, Arjie travels an especially bittersweet journey into maturation in Shyam Selvadurai’s Funny Boy. The adults in Arjie’s extended family mostly belong to an older, more conservative generation that attempts to fit Arjie into society’s norms. The adults that Arjie meets in the community through his family are individuals who prompt him to see past the confines of his childhood

  • Langston Hughes' Dream Deferred

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    raisin, being old, wrinkled, and lifeless, suggests that the dream deferred is forgotten, lost, and nothing but a memory. The second example, crusted syrup, being hard and dried up, again suggests that the dream deferred has no life. Also, being bittersweet, using the example of syrup implies that the dream deferred is hard and sour (undesirable) on the outside, yet sweet on the inside. The next two images Hughes uses continue to suggest a sense of death and decay. The first, “rotten meat,” which is

  • Pain into Beauty

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    Pain into Beauty People look back on their childhoods in different ways. Some see it as a time of joy and laughter, love and learning. Many feel a bittersweet mixture of happy nostalgia, and painful moments. Some prefer not to look back at all, seeking only to move forward. Then there are people like me, who look back in anger, bitterness, and sorrow. It seems that few people enjoy a pain-free upbringing. In fact, the very idea of childhood is a fairly new concept. In the early part of the last

  • Life

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    it, shouldn't we be trying for something more? It ends, people. Life ends. There is coming a time when your heart stops beating and you lie dead and cold on the floor somewhere--and that is it. No redo's, no timeouts, no second chances. Only the bittersweet what-ifs that you will have plagued yourself with for the remaining moments of life. 2 billion seconds doesn't seem nearly as long as my life feels, and I am still a kid. And yet we waste time bickering over the television, fighting over the computer

  • Tender Is the Night Parallels Fitzgerald’s Life

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    Poesy Though the dull brain perplexes and retards: Already with thee! Tender is the night… -From “Ode to a Nightingale” by John Keats Charles Scribner III in his introduction to the work remarks that “the title evokes the transient, bittersweet, and ultimately tragic nature of Fitzgerald’s ‘Romance’ (as he had originally subtitled the book)” (Fitzgerald ix). Tender Is the Night parallels Fitzgerald’s own struggles with his mentally ill Zelda, and the characters are carefully constructed

  • Invisible Man Comparative Essay

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    Their Eyes Were Watching God and Invisible Man Essay Life has never been easy for African-Americans. Since this country's formation, the African-American culture has been scorned, disrespected and degraded. It wasn't until the middle of the 21st century that African-American culture began to be looked upon in a more tolerant light. This shift came about because of the many talented African-American writers, actors, speakers and activists who worked so hard to gain respect for themselves and their

  • Bitter Sweet Symphony by Erin Flannery

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    still teach a message while telling the future generation something about our time. I believe the culmination to this answer was found in Erin Flanneryís ìBitter Sweet Symphony.î The title is fairly self-explanatory when it refers to the word bittersweet. That is what life is. We canít expect only the good or the bad. Life is a heterogeneous mixture of both. Yet this mixture comes together in a harmonious conglomerate that is altogether something beautiful. We have the chance to give the

  • A Bittersweet Life

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    February 1885 - Carl August Sandberg; my name sounds very Swedish to American ears, I think. Before people even meet me, they can tell I’m Swedish. I am proud of my Swedish parents, but I want to be more American. I plan to change my name and have everyone call me Charlie or Charles. That sounds better and keeps people guessing. Even though I learned to speak Swedish first and English second, I can easily say “ch” the right way and I’m only seven years old. Many Swedish boys my age, and even full

  • Exploring the Bittersweet Nature of Greed

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    Greed. Think of it as a ying-yang, there are two completely different sides to it, but yet they are so similar. Greed is bittersweet. When pandora lift open the box, she let out this character trait. This character trait, “Greed” was identified as “bad”, that is not all to it though. There is always two sides to something, two sides to every story, two sides to every situation, there is a victim, and there is the perpetrator. As humans, the goal is to strive for success, nothing can stop that. As

  • Revenge: A Bittersweet Victory

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    This story of the most heinous revenge is, like all stories by Edgar Allen Poe, very open to interpretation. One thing that cannot be disputed, though, is the theme. The fundamental theme of The Cask of Amontillado is revenge. While the reasons the main character, Montresor, desires revenge are rather unclear, the reasons for his motivation are not. The way he executes his plans also exemplifies a clever use of deception to amplify his vengeance. Unfortunately, though, the aftermath of his actions

  • The Bittersweet Comedy of Twelfth Night

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    The Bittersweet Comedy of Twelfth Night Twelfth night is a name commonly given to the Christian feast of the Epiphany which is celebrated on the 6th of January. On this day we remember the coming of the Magi and the taking down of decorations which is a sad occasion for many but also a happy occasion as new times are beginning. Twelfth Night is a romantic comedy, and romantic love is the play’s main focus. Despite the fact that the play offers a happy ending, in which the various lovers

  • Bittersweet In Saroo Brierley's A Long Way Home

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    Bittersweet is defined as something both pleasant and painful or regretful. It can be anything from falling off you bike after successfully riding it by yourself for the first time or reuniting with your family in another country after going away for college. It is something most people experience at least once in their life. In Saroo Brierley’s “A Long Way Home,” the passage of this man is constantly bittersweet, with many moments of joy and happiness that are also shrouded with bits of regret

  • Understanding College Life: A Bittersweet Transition

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    Picture this. You are heading off to college to begin the next chapter of your life. It is a moment you have always been waiting for. You are past the high school drama, and are ready to start taking classes that will allow you to obtain a degree in something you have always been passionate about. It’s your first week on campus and you are invited to a party being hosted by a group of upper classman. You show up to the party and immediately are handed a red cup with what you know is something you

  • Exploring Bittersweet Moments: A Reflection on 'A Long Way Home'

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    Have you ever found yourself eating some bittersweet chocolate? Well I have, right in my university class. Our professor handed the students a bag of chocolate so that we could have a taste of what bittersweet tasted like. Although, I hated how it tasted like, but when it was all gone and melted I had the strangest want for more. On the obvious side, bittersweet is a word that stands as it is and means exactly the way it stands, it can be used to identify a person’s experiences. For example, throughout

  • The Bittersweet Experience of Completing Graduate School

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    Successful completion of graduate school is a momentous and joyous occasion. It is the moment a graduate student has been working towards throughout graduate school. What is important to remember is not all individuals who start graduate school will successfully complete their degree program. Individuals that are successful know how much work and effort was needed to graduate. Graduate students make personal sacrifices to continue their education. Attending graduate school comes with a high

  • Bittersweet: Unwrapping the Hidden Side of Chocolate

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    People have always had a sweet tooth. In the mid 17th century, the sugar cane was introduced to the New World by the Dutch, who, using slaves, seized this opportunity to make a profit in the British West Indies. Sugar, as well as slaves, played a vital role in the Atlantic Triangular Trade among the Americas, Europe and Africa. Slaves were the working force in this trade network because they harvested the cash crops that circulated around the Atlantic Ocean. A form of slavery very similar to those