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The Holocaust was a terrible time for people who were a different race, or if you were Jewish. It started in Germany in 1933 by a man named Adolf Hitler when he came into rule, but ended in 1945 when the Nazis were defeated by allied powers of the Britain and America. The term holocaust can be translated into Hebrew and it means devastation or ruin. The Holocaust was a mass murder of about six million Jews during World War II, a systematic state sponsored murder for Adolf Hitler and the rest of the Nazis and they invaded German-occupied territories. Out of all nine million of the Jews who chose to live in Europe, about two-thirds were killed in the Holocaust. One million children, two million women and three million men were killed that were Jewish. There was a network of over 40,000 facilities in Germany and Germany-occupied territories were used to hold and kill Jews and other victims. Some scholars today argue that the murder of disabled people and the Romani should be included, and some use the common noun ‘holocaust’ to describe other Nazi murders including Soviet prisoner of war. The persecution and genocide were carried out in stages, like making laws. Various laws, like the Nuremberg Laws of 1935, were to exclude Jews from the civil society and enacted in Germany before the outbreak of World War II in Europe. Concentration camps were established in which inmates would work in slave labor until they died of exhaustion or disease. Whenever Germany conquered new territory in Eastern Europe, the Nazis murdered more than a million political opponents and Jews in mass shootings. Most of the Jews or Romanis that were found in overcrowded ghettoes were transported by freight trains to extermination camps and if they survived the j...

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...issected shortly afterward. He extensively worked with Romani children and always gave them sweets or toys, and then personally led them to the gas chambers and while they would walk with him, they would always call him uncle Mengele. Also, Hitler was very open about his hatred for Jewish people. Hitler wrote a book called Mein Kamof, which had a warning in it about his intention s to drive the Jews out of the German cultural, intellectual and political life. The only thing Hitler didn’t write about in his book was attempting and succeeding to exterminate all the Jews, but it is reported and said that he had been more explicit in private. Besides some conservative anti-Semitism, there was a famous Catholic Church protest against the euthanasia program that couldn’t be accompanied by the protest of the Holocaust.

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