Birth Control Case Study

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Ethical Cases (dilemma) regarding Birth Control by Contraception :
First we need to define an ethical dilemma it is a circumstances in which no answer seems completely suitable. Opposite courses of action may look similarly necessary. Ethical dilemmas are in the middle of the most difficult situations in medical practice.
To find answers, physicians must use ethical philosophies and principles to determine the problems and benefits of any course of action.
We'll be deliberating two cases from an Ethical point of view so first we need to know the four principal of medical ethics
• Autonomy: the patient has the right to decline or accept their management
• Beneficence: a physician should be doing what is in the best interest of the patient
The doctor should ask why the Fatimah does not want to get pregnant, and It is important for the doctor to establish a moral connection with her, to be somebody she feel she can relay on and share her reasons to. and if her refusal is something temporary or permanent.
Fatimah says she want to finish college before getting pregnant, and she do not want her husband to know, but if she asks the doctor to help her talk with her husband, the doctor can help.
Non Maleficence
The doctor should explain The adverse effects of the pill, such as Vomiting, Weight increase, Painful or puffy breasts, Small quantities of blood, or spotting, between periods, Lighter periods, Mood alterations, they are usually slight and serious adverse effects rare in most women but risk factors need to be shared out by the doctor.

By respecting Fatimah and that she have the final saying in the matter, and if she does not want her husband to know about her taking contraception then she has her right to confidentiality. And the doctor should give her contraception. The second scenario is in the western world (United states of

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