Ethical Dilemmas In The Case Of Marguerite M And The Angioram?

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Healthcare creates unique dilemmas that must consider the common good of every patient. Medical professionals, on a frequent basis, face situations that require complicated, and at times, difficult decision-making. The medical matters they decide on are often sensitive and critical in regards to patient needs and care. In the Case of Marguerite M and the Angiogram, the medical team in both cases were faced with the critical question of which patient gets the necessary medical care when resources are limited. In like manner, when one patient receives the appropriate care at the expense of another, medical professionals face the possibility of liability and litigation. These medical circumstances place a burden on the healthcare professionals to think and act in the best interest of the patient while still considering the ethical and legal issues they may confront as a result of their choices and actions. Medical ethics and law are always evolving as rapid advances in all areas of healthcare take place. The case of Marguerite M presents an ethical dilemma. Medical ethics play a special role in medicine and is directly concerned with its practice. Its role has continued to evolve as changes develop in …show more content…

The facts in this case involve 2 patients. Firstly, Marguerite, an 89 year old female who experienced a myocardial infarction and the cause was unknown at the time of admission. Her doctor ordered an angiogram to test for the cause, and based on the results, would plan and provide treatment. On the other hand, Sarah, a 45 year old female, also experienced a massive heart attack, but in her case the emergency room doctors were able to determine the cause and expeditiously planned for treatment. Simultaneously, both patients required an immediate surgical procedure and time was a major consideration due to the nature of their

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