Biography of Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar was one of the world’s greatest influential people in history. Not only did he have the guts to step up to the senators of the Roman Empire and make new laws, he also set a new foundation for the Roman people. He created many new laws and lead people to see things in a different prospective. As military leader, he won a great series of battles. Buying the trust of his people and supplying his country with more money.

Julius Caesar was born on July 13, 102 B.C, into one of the oldest patrician families in Rome and was a guaranteed member of the democratic or popular party. His family, being aristocratic, was reserved and rather ordinary in political and military achievement.When he was young he got the advantage of an arranged marriage by his uncle, Caius Marius, and was married to Cornelia (daughter of Cinna) in 84 B.C. Caesar was proscribed and subsequently fled from Rome once he refused to abide by Sulla’s order to divorce Cornelia in 82B.C. In cause to disobey the dictator Sulla, Caesar chose to shun arrest by hiding in the Sabine country. Not long after, Caesar soon got malaria. During his nonattendance, his mother’s family succeeded in gaining a pardon for him.

During 75 B.C., a group of pirates, known as Cilicians, captured a ship carrying Julius Caesar. Apparently finding this amusing, Caesar laughed at his captors and told them they had no idea whom they had captured. After a little more than a month, Caesar received the ransom money and was set free. Once he arrived to the nearest port, he assembled a small fleet of mercenaries and defeated the pirates, ordering them all crucified; showing them mercy and not giving them a painful death.

With the desire to be elected, Caesar bribed the officials and the vo...

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...on, Octavian, took the name of Augustas Caesar and assumed complete control of the Roman Empire. After Caesar was assassinated, Octavian defeated the forces that murdered his uncle. Returning in 27 B.C., Octavian stated that he was restoring the republic. The Senate appointed him as the first emperor. Although the Republic died along with Caesar, a new era in Roman History began.

In all, Gaius Julius Caesar was one of the most influential people in the world. He was a Roman general and aristocrat, the defeater of Gaul(58–50 BC), conqueror in the Civil War(46-44BC), and had many victories, accomplishments and completed the many obsticles in his life. In everything that Julius Caesar did, he did it all to improve the Roman Empire and help the people. Throughout the world, Caesar still influences people today with his great succession, encouraging them to move forward.
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