Benefits Of Social And Emotional Intelligence In Hospitality

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Social and emotional intelligence are playing a significant role in hospitality. First of all, social and emotional intelligence will be defined and explained separately with supporting academic articles in the following paragraph. Furthermore, the benefit of social intelligence and emotional intelligence in individual and organization will be illustrated and given in several examples. Generally, social and emotional intelligence’s explanation and benefit in the hospitality industry will be introduced as below. Social and emotional intelligence will be defined and explained by each with supporting academic sentences as following. First of all, the ability to read others and the social context effectively and thus to influence with people smoothly…show more content…
For example, nurses with socially intelligent bosses reported good emotional health and an enhanced ability to care for their patients, even during the stress of layoffs. Therefore, during tough times, people with great social intelligence will be selected to guide the institution (Goleman& Boyatzis, 2008). According to the sentences above, it is clearly to see the importance of social intelligence in the critical stage. Next, social intelligence also shows its value in the education field. For instance, the high level of social intelligence during the progress of future teachers determines their flexibility, tact, empathy, and activity in communicative activity, since the development of teacher knowledge, skills, and ability to understand themselves, their behavior, the actions of others and build effective interaction, and achieve goals are involved by social intelligence (Ardakh, Aurenova, Elmira, Almira & Kamshat, 2013). Albrecht (2006) explores social intelligence a dimension of multiple intelligence, which he defines as the ability to stay with others and a set of practical skills (situational awareness, presence, authenticity, clarity, and empathy) that can interact in any setting successfully. Situational awareness, part of social skills, is useful in the service system, such as the restaurant. During servicing, it’s important for the staff to understand the situation and react appropriately. For example, if there is a newly married couple coming into the restaurant, the staff should notice that and lead them to the seat that is more private and romantic, like the seat close to the window or in the quite area. Another point, the test result form Araujo and Taylor (2012) explained that 70 percent of the change of working performance is linearly by the average in total of emotional social competency (ESC) with achievement orientation, optimism, and
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