Beeswax Candle Essay

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Beeswax Candles: In Frosted Glass For consumers seeking for healthier alternatives for aromatherapy and relaxation, it is best to opt for an all-natural wax candle. Hence, beeswax candles are excellent for air purifying and improve overall respiratory health. In addition, it also has unique properties which allow it to burn 5 times longer than other wax candles (e.g. soy, paraffin, palm etc.). Moreover, the sweet scent of honey is still present in the natural beeswax candle is best for mixing with your favourite aromatherapy oil and natural fragrance oil. Thus, perfect to set your mood and relax your senses. Furthermore, this wondrous candle comes in handy in frosted glass containers, thus easier to store and a great gift idea. When it comes…show more content…
Indeed, there are more benefits you could get from a frosted glass beeswax candle which makes more sense than common varieties of wax candles. Furthermore, the glass used in the container is designed to resist heat and comes in handy if consumers wish to change the location for their meditation and aromatherapy
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