Becoming a Successful Woman?

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There's no energy that can mimic what's released when a positive, high-stepping woman enters a room. The attitude of a successful woman is the fuel needed to drive us from idea conception to realization. I remember as a child, hearing dishes clinking in the kitchen, the smell of coffee, and the sound of frying bacon. I always woke to these little sounds that became a comfort when I heard them, because mommy was in the kitchen. She always looked at me with her big brown eyes and long brunet curly hair and smiled at me. She would pull out the kitchen chair and say “good morning lady bug”, I always responded with a giggle. I remember when she hugged me every morning her hair would cover my face it always smelt of roses, her body smelt of vanilla, and her clothes were pressed and neat. I loved my mother dearly, and cherished every moment with her as I was a little girl. My mother’s attitude towards everyone was always so prude, and kurt. I never knew why she acted one way towards me, and choose to act another when she put on this beautiful pressed suit. As years past by in my life, I would go to my mother’s office, where I was told to be quite and stay in a room. I remember occasionally peeking out to see something going on, nothing but to hear phones ring, and my mother talking on the phone. I never knew what I was supposed to do when I got there, never knew the purpose, and couldn’t quite understand why I was forced to sit in a quiet room, with just a television, and some plants. It was the most boring place I could ever imagine being, and couldn’t think why my sweet, loving mother would want to be in such an awful place. My childhood I could remember being quite nice, and simple. We traveled, and I never remembering wanting... ... middle of paper ... ...ough. I was respected, acknowledged, and most important; I was a smart, I was successful and I was a woman! My attitude changed, I was happy to be with my mother every day, I was like her. I was proud I was like her; I had a sense of self worth. She taught me to be tough, handle hurtful words, criticism, control and structure. She was molding me into a successful woman. I finally understood. The greatest point of resistance is just before breakthrough. We must have a stubborn resolve to see ourselves to the other side. When challenging circumstances seek to derail us, if we just take that next step, we'll find that we've made it. Our lives revolve around four major categories: family and friends, health, wealth and spirit. These areas must be balanced to lead a fulfilled life. My mother was aware of this, and instilled it in me, which made me the person I am today.
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