Analysis Of Mothers By Anna Quindlen

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There is a woman, she will always in the softest place in your heart, you would like to spend all your life to love her; there is a love, it is Real and selfless and it will never stop, you do not need to return anything...... This man, called "mother ", this love, called" Motherhood "! “Mothers” by Anna Quindlen. I could not stop reading this essay again and again, because this essay tells exactly what I want to say when I am young. My parents leave me alone when I am 6 years old. They have to work outside of the country, during that time, transport and communication is not as convenient as now. So I can only see them once in three years. Growing up with “knowing that I have a mother and she is never around me whenever I need her” …show more content…

To enumerate, the speaker implies that, "For a long time, it was all you needed to know about me, a kind of vest pocket description of my emotional complexion: Meet you in the lobby in ten minutes - I have long-brown hair, am on the short side, have on a red coat, and my mother died when I was nineteen" It seems to be a normal repeat sentence, but I can feel the unspeakable sadness. She tries to comfort herself by saying “I accept the fact that mothers and daughters probably always see each other across a chasm of rivalries” She try find a comfort her lost and pain, But she forgets that the mother’s love is to fly overnight and take care of their baby girl. I really feel heartbroken when I saw this …show more content…

She pays attention to the mother and daughter 's shoes, dresses and jewelry, and image their conversation, I because she wants to feel that she is also involved in such relationship between mothers and daughters. Then here comes a question, I keep asking myself this question. She lost her mother when she was nineteen, did she ever have those moments in her life before her mother died?, then I re-read this essay again, the last two paragraphs makes feel that she might not have those moments with her mom before, or she even had a bad relationship with her mother before, because she said " I suspect that we would have been friends... The woman inside the mother.” That might mean before her mother died, she was too young, she might not have a good relationship with her mother, but after her mother died, she starts to regret and miss the time when her mother still around. Anna leaves us a sad ending, “And I think that my fantasies… Then again, maybe not.” It contains sadness, lost and

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