The Debate on the Necessity of College Education

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While research shows the benefits of students attending college, some people still disagree and do not believe they should. Jennifer Ludden writes that people will have more money and more job opportunities if they attend college. However, Holly Epstein Ojalvo interviewed the founder of UnCollege, Dale Stephens who does not think students need to go to college to be successful. I believe it is important for me to attend college to be monetarily secure and to establish new social connections and relationships with new, different people, but mainly I want to attend college to prove to myself that I can graduate and be successful on my own. In “Going to College May Cost You, But So Will Skipping It”, Jennifer Ludden writes that college has substantial …show more content…

Stephens his opinion on five of the most common reasons given on why people should attend college. The first reason is the benefit of learning to work through challenges and having a peer as well as teacher support. The second reason Stephens elaborated on was the advantage of socializing, networking, and establishing new connections with new people. The third and fourth reasons given were students’ reputation for attending college and finding who they are through interests, maturity, and personality. The last reason listed in the article was earning a profitable degree. Stephens disagrees with all of those reasons. Instead, he believes learning in a college setting is not unique and that the same learning style is used that has always been used. He goes on to say that college is not a real environment to socialize and people do not truly discover who they are. His thoughts were that nothing about the mixing and mingling while in college is diverse and that people can connect and interact with other people through social media sites just as well as face-to-face interactions if not better. Stephens also gave his opinion on how earning a degree does not make people successful but rather it is the person who has obtained the degree. Overall Stephens does not think students should go to college because it is …show more content…

Throughout my life my mother has always been my backbone and push me to strive for excellence and be academically perfect. I was taught to go above and beyond everyone else in class and work nonstop without excuses. However, the pressure from my mom triggered a negative effect in me and I eventually shutdown. Though I still managed to finish strong I felt that I did it to please my mom. That is why going to college is so important to me because I know that I can go to college and be triumphant on my own, so right now I am pushing through adversity in an attempt to prove myself right. College is a positive decision for students for several reasons. Over time students will reap the financial benefits of making $17,500 more yearly when they receive a college degree. Also, they will receive higher-quality job opportunities as opposed to people without a degree. Lastly, students will be more socially prepared to interact in the real world as well as the

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that while research shows the benefits of students attending college, some people disagree and do not believe they should.
  • Analyzes how jennifer ludden's article, "going to college may cost you, but so will skipping it", addresses the wage gap and unemployment gap between people who graduate college and those who don't.
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