Becoming A Coach Essay

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If I had the authority to change my school in a positive way, I would specifically change the way the coaches treat students in sports. Talent is when you have a natural aptitude or skill in a sport, but most coaching staff do not recognize the talent students have. Coaches can have a big impact on athlete’s personal lives and goals, but relationship between coach and student determines overall motivation. Coaches and players must work together to achieve success, although many factors help determine outcomes and success in sports, the coaching staff have direct influence on the player and their attitudes, but mainly on the athletic performance. When I started my high school career and started playing sports, I never imagined the unfairness …show more content…

The coaches were aware of the players coming in from each school and what they could bring into the program. I myself had to prove to the coaches what I knew about the sport, because unfortunately I was coming from the school that had not won the district title the previous year. Many of the other students had positions waiting for them, without even having to try out for the team. I remember my first freshman football game going to Brownsville to play a scrimmage, and the only position they gave me was in special teams. I knew that day I had to prove to my coaches that I had love and heart for the game. By me playing my heart out I ended up playing the entire game both on defense and offense. After our first game, I remember listening to one of my coaches tell us we need to identify ourselves to one of the three types of players. The first type being those who work hard enough to make it happen. Second are those who watch it happen. And finally, the third are those who wonder what happens. I definitely wanted to be the one who worked hard to make it

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