Battle Of Hastings Research Paper

analytical Essay
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844 words

Yr 8 History

Topic: William the Conqueror, the Battle of Hastings.

Name: Aidan Halin
Teacher: Mr Potgieter
Due Date: 4 November 2014

Contents Table

1. List of illustrations 3
2. Introduction 4
3. William the Conqueror 5
4. The Battle of Hastings 5
5. The impact of the Battle of Hastings on Medieval Europe 7

1. List of Illustrations

Figure 1 Bayeux Tapestry illustration of William the Conqueror 3
Figure 2 The Saxon army 5
Figure 3 The Norman army 5
Figure 4 Mapping layout of armies of the Saxons and Normans 6 for The Battle of Hastings
Figure 5 Death of King Harold 6

2. Introduction
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In this essay, the author

  • Introduces william the conqueror, the battle of hastings, and its impact on medieval europe.
  • Explains that william the conqueror was born in falaise, normandy, france in 1028 and married matilda of flanders.
  • Explains that multiple normans didn't approve of an illegitimate son being their leader. they managed to kill gilbert of brionne, alan of brittany and osbern the seneschal.
  • Narrates how williams trembled on his deathbed when he reflected on the grievous sins which burdened his conscience. he died in september 1087, in rouen, france.
  • Narrates the battle of hastings, where william 1 visited edward the confessor, the english king with no children, and promised him to make william his heir.
  • Describes how william landed on pevensey, england, and marched to senlac hill, 7 miles away from hastings, where he met king harold 2 with his saxon army and williams norman’s army.
  • Analyzes how the normans won the battle because of their defence failing and not knowing what to do.

His parents were Robert 1, who was the duke of Normandy and his mother Arlette, daughter of Fullbert. He was given the role of duke of Normandy at just the age of 8. In his first few years of duke, some of his guards were killed and his teacher was murdered. Although the king of France Henry 1, helped him through his first early years. Later on during William’s life he married Matilda of Flanders and had 9 children in total, 4 being his son and 5 being his daughters. Marrying Matilda helped his reputation and success. Although 7 lived through birth and the other 2 died. William had the nicknames of ‘The bastard’ and ‘William the …show more content…

I was bred to arms from my childhood, and am stained from the rivers of blood I have shed... It is out of my power to count all the injuries which I have caused during the sixty-four years of my troubled life.” William finally died in September 1087, in Rouen, France. He received major internal injuries when his horse reared and rammed the pommel of the saddle into his stomach. He took several days to die. When he did he was too big for his coffin. His body was shoved into the coffin and there is reports his body

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