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The Battle of Bannockburn happened in 1314 just outside of Stirling, Scotland. It was a war between the large English army and the much smaller Scottish army. The Scottish showed they were a force to be reckoned with when they took Stirling Castle for ransom. The English were trying to get the castle back from the Scottish which caused the Battle of Bannockburn Leading up to the Battle of Bannockburn, quite a few things happened. In 1290, Margaret, “the maid of Norway”, the heir to the Scottish throne, died when she was eight years old. Her death left Scotland without a ruler. The desperate Scottish called on their neighbors in England to help them find their next ruler. The English King, Edward I, picked the new Scottish king. INSERT DATE Edward picked John de Baliol over Robert Brus. Edward picked Baliol becuase he thought he could control him. Edward, however, soon regretted his decision. Baliol made an alliance with France INSERT DATE. France was Edward’s sworn enemy. Edward then returned to Scotland and forced Baliol off the throne. Edward was so mad at the Scottish that he took the Stone of Scones, which was important to the Scottish, and left Scotland without a ruler. The Scottish were not pleased with Edward’s decision to leave them without a ruler. William Wallace, a Scottish citizen, stepped up to rally the Scottish against the English. The English realized that the Scottish were growing stronger and brought an army to Scotland. INSERT DATEWallace gathered troops and took them to war against the English at the Battle of Stirling bridge. The Scottish won against a larger English army. TOPIC SENTENCE Then, a few years later in 1305, the English defeated Wallace and the Scots at the Battle of Falkirk. The English captur... ... middle of paper ... ...gan to intermarry. The same people even held both thrones for a while. The countries, however, remained separate until 1707, when the Official Act of Union created the United Kingdom. This battle had a huge impact on both countries but it will always be remembered as an impressive victory for the Scottish The Battle of Bannockburn was a source of great pride for the Scottish community. The Scottish not only defeated a much larger army that really wanted control of Scotland, but they also ensured their countries sovereignty for more than four centuries after the battle. The Scottish army fought as one cohesive unit against the English army. They fought a well planned battle. They used the terrain to their advantage, and they had military tactics that the English had never before seen. For all of these reasons, the Battle of Bannockburn secured a place in history.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the battle of bannockburn happened in 1314 just outside of stirling, scotland. it was a war between the large english army and the smaller scottish army.
  • Recounts how margaret, norway's heir to the scottish throne, died in 1290, leaving scotland without a ruler. the desperate scottish called on their neighbors in england to help them find their next ruler
  • Narrates how edward regretted his decision and forced baliol off the throne. he took the stone of scones, which was important to the scottish.
  • Describes how william wallace, a scottish citizen, rallied the scottish against the english at the battle of stirling bridge.
  • Narrates how the english defeated wallace and the scots at the battle of falkirk in 1305. the english captured wallace, convicted him of treason, and sent his arms and legs to different scottish cities to scare the citizens.
  • Explains that after wallace's death in 1305, robert the bruce, grandson of robert de brus, abandoned his allegiance to england and began to build up the scottish forces.
  • Explains that edward i died in 1307, and edward ii stayed away from scotland. bruce, however, wanted all of the scottish land back from england.
  • Explains that edward bruce, robert bruce's younger brother, began the siege of stirling castle in 1314. the english men inside the castle called for help from their country.
  • Explains that the battle began on july 24, 1314. the english army traveled for many days to reach stirling castle.
  • Explains that the scottish picked out the battle field carefully, surrounded by woods on one side and marsh on the other side, and the only decent way to approach it was to go down an old roman road.
  • Analyzes how edward arrived at stirling castle by midsummer. he had already met the requirements for getting the castle back, but he lost control of his army.
  • Compares how the two countries were armed very similar to one another, with the scots carrying large pikes, or long spears. when the english approached the scottish army, they saw a strange sight.
  • Compares how edward and bruce fought differently. edward was heavily protected with weapons on his horse, while bruce had only an axe. henry de bohun took his lance and ran straight at bruce.
  • Analyzes how the scottish were outnumbered by the english three to one, but the scots still won the battle. they claimed to have lost only two knights and few pikemen.
  • Explains that historians are still arguing over where the battle took place. they say that edward could not have passed stirling castle if the battlefield was at the reported location.
  • Explains that people are arguing about how the battle got its name. some people say that the name came from the small town of bannockburn located just outside of the stirling area.
  • Analyzes how the battle of bannock had a huge impact on the english. king edward ii was regarded poorly by his country and his family.
  • Explains that bruce was recognized as the king of scots after the battle, and pope john xxii blessed his reign.
  • Opines that bruce's victory ensured the scottish kingdom security for four centuries. the two countries remained separate until 1707.
  • Explains that the battle of bannockburn was a source of great pride for the scottish community. the scottish army fought as one cohesive unit against the english army.
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