Banner Health: Healthcare for the Future

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Banner Health
Banner Health is a nonprofit organization that consists of twenty-four acute care hospitals and health care facilities in seven different states. In 1999, Samaritan Health System merged together with Lutheran Health Systems to form what is currently known as Banner Health. This organization prioritizes their aim to make a difference in their patients’ lives by providing exceptional patient care. Banner Health utilizes music therapy, massage therapy, aromatherapy, and pet therapy as an integral part of the healing process for their patients. They also offer specialized care through various types of services such as Alzheimer’s Care, Cancer Care, and Emergency Care. Banner Health is involved in certain programs that will help in the future, experienced network growth, has a diverse staff, and efficiently employs their resources.
Readiness to Address Healthcare Needs for the Next Decade
Banner Health has set aside goals that they must achieve in order to readily address health care needs in the future. Banner Health is committed to carrying out their vision of becoming a national leader recognized for clinical excellence and innovation (Banner Health). A few of these goals are: being recognized for clinical excellence and innovation, developing a highly coordinated patient experience, and being distinguished by the quality of their employees. This hospital has also made innovation and important part of their growth. With their iCare Clinical Innovation Team they hope to rapidly identify and deploy strategies that will ensure their patients a safe, efficient, and effective experience (Trenary). This team will also give patients more up to date information that allows them to make the best possible choices for themselves ...

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One of the largest nonprofit organizations in presently in health care is Banner Health. It is their mission to give precedence to quality patient care and want to be known as an innovative national leader that is constantly and consistently growing clinically. The Samaritan and Lutheran Health Systems joined together to make Banner Health what it is today. They provide various programs and services so that they can readily address health care needs for the next decade such as eICU, iCare, Banner Research, and Alzheimer’s Care. Banner health’s network has grown since it has been established and is one of the top leaders in health care. Banner Health lives up to their mission of providing outstanding patient care by offering innovation through technology and performance management programs.
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