Case Study For Caring Angel Hospital

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Consulting for the Caring Angel Hospital
Working in the health care industry takes a lot of courage and patience in order to deal with different individual’s personalities and to be equipped to handle stressful situations according to the issues at hand. As a senior consultant at the Practical Health Care Consulting firm, my supervisor has instructed me to spend three months at the Caring Angel Hospital. While at the hospital there are a few tasks for improving the quality of care, adding value to the organization, improving employee morale, etc. Although these obstacles will be a challenge, there is an opportunity for improvement. This will allow the Caring Angel Hospital to increase revenue and accomplish the goals that are established. As
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Also, the hospital must continue to build trust and keep a clear open form of communication with each employee, the community, and the patients of whom we provide medical services to. This is not always an easy task, but you have to be determined and will-minded that there can be success through productivity if everyone participates as a team. Of course, you will have some employees who feel that they rather work alone, but once they see that teamwork consists of a group, then maybe their demeanor will change for the best and a change will take place within the…show more content…
In an IPU, a dedicated team made up of both clinical and nonclinical personnel proves the full care cycle for the patient’s condition (Lee & Porter, 2013). The first priority of understanding the patients will be to meet the needs regardless of the situation so they will find pleasure and security of allowing the Caring Angel Hospital to continue providing services for themselves and family members. When the patients are taken care of, it will definitely reflect well on the organization’s business reputation. Therefore, the medical attention and the responsibilities that are provided to the patients should not lack the quality, value, or image of what each individual patient needs for their
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