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Introduction Banner Health is one of the nonprofit and innovative organizations that has sprung in about seven states. The organization was officially created when two nonprofit organizations that is Samaritan Health Systems and Lutheran health System merged on September 1st 1999. Both organizations had long standing history of providing extensive health care to American West and Mid- west. As Banner health`s vision is to “be a national leader recognized for clinical excellence and innovation, preferred for a highly coordinated patient experience, and distinguished by the quality of our people” (Banner Health, 2016, p.1). It has been showing it`s reinvented and innovative effectiveness of giving excellent care to their patients thus…show more content…
According Banner Healthcare (2016), “BHN collaborates with many commercial and government payers, plus large employer groups, to deliver on the triple aim of lower costs, high quality care and an excellent patient experience. Healthcare can be affordable with a design that engages the physician, patient and payer in seeking the best care and health outcomes” (p.2). “Providing a rewarding environment in which nurses can work, with opportunities to grow, and a chance to be heard and participate in practice decisions keeps experienced nurses at the bedside and, ultimately, improves patient care”(Wood,2016,p.1). Nurses want to practice in the environment where they feel safe and are at liberty to practice what they have been trained for. And this is what Banner has been providing the nursing staff. Nursing staffing has been one of their priority as an organization. “Banner Health is committed to the enhancement of the professional practice of nursing. Professional nursing practice is critical to delivering excellent patient care in a safe environment” (Banner Health, 2016, p.1).So Banner offers nursing staff with tuition reimbursements if they want to go back to school, medical, vision and dental insurance, retirement plans, paid time off plans (short or long term disability), employee…show more content…
Care Transformation has been one of the improvements Banner has made to put information for the patients at their fingertips by the use of the integrated electronic medical records which contains doctors and nurses’ notes, lab results and medical images. Research done about Care Transformation and results revealed that they is an increase in patient safety, reduced wait times by patients in the Emergency Room, improved patient satisfaction and staff retention. Under Care Transformation, Banner is implementing a lot programs that brings improvements in the clinical care and new technology is helping to provide quality and safer care to the patients. An Intelligent OB program is one of the implementation, known as PeriBirth, which bring improvement in the safety of the labor and delivery process

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