Baltimore Police Case Study

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In order to improve the relationship between Baltimore Police Department (P.D.) and the Baltimore community, it is crucial for police leadership to jump in immediately and acknowledge problems exist, but not only due to the race of the citizens the department serves. Baltimore Police Commissioner (P.C.) should assure the community that the police and other community stakeholders will make a serious effort to address and remediate any real or perceived police misconduct. It is equally important that Baltimore P.C. reviews intra-departmental issues and develop a holistic approach to address them all. Departmental issues can begin to be addressed by training police officers to earn the community 's trust. This involves first ensuring that police understand how to implement community policing and lay the foundation for procedural justice. Following training, the department 's…show more content…
I believe that this is exactly what the Baltimore Commissioner should do. He should go and talk to all the community members and let them know that he is available and willing to work with them to take the city under control. The developed relationship should be followed by police officers working together with the community to solve actual problems and future ones. By engaging the community to solve community problems, it will be easier for Baltimore PD to earn their trust.
Based on research findings the race affects satisfaction with the police indirectly and in combination with other factors such as the neighborhoods crime rate (Horowitz, 9). We can see this in Baltimore as well. The crime rate in the communities that distrust police is higher than the other communities. Based on this, we can say that another effective way to earn communities trust is to lower the level of crime in that
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