Child Rearing Styles Essay

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Parenting in today's world can be a challenge and parents will find themselves choosing their battles and determining which issues are really "worth it" when it comes to their offspring. As parents make these decisions, their child rearing style will be developed. Child-rearing is a reflection of how parents demonstrate love and exercise authority toward their children. As parents begin using a particular child-rearing style, they will influence and ultimately determine a large portion of who that child becomes in their adult life. There are four basic child-rearing style categories that parents will usually fall into. The first is the "Uninvolved" child-rearing style. The uninvolved parent is considered the worst type and is the most detrimental.…show more content…
This style is a wonderful approach to raising a child. The authoritative parent is a reasonable parent who establishes rules that are to be followed but will discuss the effects a child's choices and his or her consequences. Authoritative parents are also able to adjust their expectations for each individual child according to their child's personality and temperament. As a mom of three children, I can relate to this type of child rearing. I would like to say that this is my style because I do expect a lot out of my children and I make very clear their expectations, but I also love them more than anything, am sensitive to each of their particular needs and have a wonderful one-on-one relationship with each of them. I, agree wholeheartedly, that each child needs to have different expectations placed on them based on their particular personality and temperament. My youngest son is extremely sensitive. If I just look at him with an upset look on my face, he knows he is in trouble and starts to cry. My older daughter, on the other hand, is stubborn and bossy, and of course knows everything! It takes an entirely different approach to "get through to her" then it does my youngest son. Another interesting aspect of the authoritative parenting style is that authoritative parents gradually allow their children more and more responsibility, allowing their child to "grow up." This, I believe, is an extremely part

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