Asses Issues Relating to Use of Information: Backups

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Backups are very important for companies as they store a lot of information about their clients. If any of this information would be misplaced it could be very catastrophic and cause clients not to trust CaWRO and their service will be classed as unreliable. That is why it is essential to back up your data in different ways and so is the most efficient and more unlike all of the data becoming lost or corrupt, however for some companies like CaWRO it would be suitable that they have backup servers with all that information on which will be regularly updated from the other data to keep information in the company flowing probably to keep operations successful.
Damage to data
Damage to data can occur two ways the first would be from a physical aspect such as hardware was to failing in and caused all the data to be loss or corrupted this why it is important that every organisation such as CaWRO to make sure all they hardware is up to date and continuously maintained by the IT department so that no problems like this may ever occur, reducing the chance of data loss. The second way is data files themselves be coming corrupt this can be caused by viruses or to someone not backing up. Which is why it is important for companies like CaWRO to have the employees trained and that all the software like antivirus are up to date so that data is safe and impenetrable.
Ethical issues
When running a company such as CaWRO is a lot of ethical issues and not only for an individual inside the company but for a company as a whole. Organisations and institutes can help develop their own policies with their employees for users which they must comply by and in some circumstances if they fail to comply with the policies they may be issued dismissal...

... middle of paper ... CaWRO which could course the company's reputation to be damaged when it comes to client trust their business. For the company this will be a risk that they wouldn’t take as it may bring them a legal case if information was of an extreme content which was distributed inside the company's emails and internet. This would tarnish their reputation as a good business to work with. This is why policies are put in place to protect companies such as CaWRO from material in emails and the Internet. These policies will be put in place protect the company as a whole and even if people would use the Internet and email to distribute inappropriate things the company will not be held responsible and in some certain cases the employee who was distributing the information will be fired or in some extreme cases prosecuted for criminal acts such as distributing inappropriate content.