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Q. Define computer ethics? A. Ethics is the collection of moral principles that controls the actions of an individual or a group. And managing the use of computers can be done by computer ethics which is set of moral principles that controls the usage of computers. Here in computer ethics we can find some common issues which contains privacy concerns, copyrighted electronic content and how the society is been affected by computers. Let us understand in brief about computer ethics by illustrating with an example that is approaching or entering into someone’s personal details or particulars though it may be attainable on a computer system but, according to computer ethics it would suggest that such an action is completely wrong. Q. Why is it…show more content…
Are there established guidelines? A. Yes, there are established guidelines for computer ethics. Let us describe in brief about each guideline given below:  Never use a computer in ways which may cause harm to other people. Here, this guideline states that it would be a dishonest act to use a computer to steal someone’s personal or private information which tends to be completely wrong. It may not harm them physically but, it encompasses mistreating or degrading other user’s private personal data or information.  Do not watch on another person’s personal computer information. This guideline states that as we clearly know it is very wrong to read someone’s personal messages without them knowing about it, similarly on the same aspects it is said to be wrong to read someone else personal e-mail messages or files. Getting information from another person’s private data is nowhere less than shattering into someone’s personal room. Therefore never try to watch or make note of someone else personal computer information. Apart from these we have other guidelines like: Never try to use computer technology to snatch any type of information which is not owned by…show more content…
It include several celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian and many more. The first collection of the photos were leaked on August 31, 2014 which has as many as 500 private photos of various celebrities and further set of photos were published later. These photos were obtained via iCloud, a cloud service by Apple Inc. Apple confirmed that hackers breached into their servers by hacking into the celebrities account and stole the content from the servers. So in this case the target was the celebrity pictures, this type of theft could have been similarly destroyed or damaged a business if there sensitive information has been shared or

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