Aspects of Home Schooling

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Aspects of Home Schooling Do parents always know what is best for their child? When a parent says that they want to home school their child are they making the right decision? After all, parents are the ones that teach their children how to walk and talk. After all, they are the ones that are most interested in making sure that their child receives the best education, why shouldn’t they be the ones to teach their children? Being home schooled can have both a positive and negative effect on a child. One such reason why it would be beneficial for a child to be home schooled is to teach values and morals to the child. Children often learn things at a young age that they should not know; such as vulgar language or violence. Such bad behavior is present through out our society. After all it does not matter what school a child goes to, since children from all walks of life are present in the classroom. It is in the classroom where children hear things they should not be hearing. On the other hand if the child is being home schooled, then violence and vulgarities are things the parent does not have to worry about. A home environment also provides a child with less distraction and less peer pressure ( Studies have also shown that students that are home schooled score higher on than their average peers. Once they get to college, children that are home schooled have higher grade point averages than the average college students ( Another positive reason for home schooling is that the worry of a poor social life for the student does no longer have to be a concern for parents that might want to home school their children. Children that are home schooled can get involved in chu... ... middle of paper ... ...needs? Is the parent capable of meeting their needs through home schooling? Either way, parents need to take their job seriously, because they have the ultimate responsibility of molding their children, and lessons taught at home are far more important than those learned in the classroom, especially in this world where there is no teacher – guarantee. Works Cited Pro’s and Con’s of Educational Options (2000, February 20). Retrieved November 21, 2003, from Teacher Union Power is Awesomely Arrogant (2002, September). Retrieved November 24, 2003, from Home School Versus Home Room: The Education Debate (2003, November 13). Retrieved November 24, 2003, from

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