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The screeching decibels of my alarm clock woke me at five-thirty that morning. Football practice the day before completely destroyed my body leaving my arms and legs almost unmovable. All my strength was used to stand that morning. My brother told me to stop complaining and get ready for school. He was older and always bossed me around. “I don’t want to go to school” I exclaimed! “What are you going to do, sit at home and stay dumb?” He said. That is not a bad idea I thought. I can teach myself. I imagined the possibility of being homeschooled. I knew homeschooling was not an option for me. My mother worked two jobs and was hardly home to check my homework. If it was an option, homeschooling would be my choice. Homeschooling is a better choice than a Public School education. Homeschooling offers…show more content…
Homeschooling offers students a more time efficient education that allows the student to focus on education in which is the sole purpose for school. Homeschooling also gives the teacher a thorough evaluation of a student’s strengths and weaknesses by visually seeing what subjects they excel in and what subjects they are weak in. At this point students can increase their individual progression in each subject. Homeschooling permits control of the environment a student learns in to retain the focus of the student. This will reduce the chances of drug usage, bullying, and violence. Samuel Blumenfeld said this on the importance of homeschooling “The home is a safe haven for the children in a world awash with drugs, sexually transmitted diseases, violence, and moral corruption” (Cindy Mur et al.76). When parents come to realize that the home is the safest place for their children, then will they act as Blumenfeld concludes “I look forward to the day when the public schools will be virtually empty not because we have abolished public education but because the parents will have abandoned it” (Cindy Mur et al.

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