Art Of Resilience Essay

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Have you ever been to the point where you are so low you feel as if there is no going back? Well, many have been there and have found a way to stand back up on their feet. The texts “If-”, Speak, and ‘Art of Resilience’ bring up the topic of resilience numerous times showing that it certainly is possible. As the text Speak evolves, the main character slowly shows resilience. Also, both the texts,”If-” and “The Art of Resilience” discuss about having resilience. To have resilience is to be able to come back in the face of difficulties. Through metaphor, conflict, and personification, readers comprehend that being resilient will enable them to have a happy, successful, and healthy lifestyle. In the duration of the texts, “If-” and Speak, the theme of having resilience is present. The authors showed the theme of resilience by using metaphors. In the beginning of…show more content…
Melinda, throughout the entire book, is focused on how that happened at the party impacted her life. She says how she "worked so hard to forget every second of that stupid party, and here I am in the middle of a hostile crowd that hate me for what I had to do.”(28) The quote provided shows that Melinda wants to forget everything that had happened and move on. In addition, the article “The Art of Resilience” uses conflict to show resilience as well. It illustrates conflict in people’s lives, "you need not go through the rest of your life as an emotional cripple,” (Marano, 1). The author is stating how you can become stronger than others believe you can be. The conflict of being put down is demonstrated through the texts. As they have been thought to be a lower rank than others, they have came back from it and did not let change them. The conflict of certain texts can help to create the theme of texts through context
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