The Pros And Cons Of GMO

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A GMO, or genetically modified organism, microorganism or other organism whose genetic makeup has been changed by using recombinant DNA methods (also called gene splicing). a GMO can be a plant or animal and can be injected with specially genetic markers that can make them resistant to diseases allowing for plants to grow bigger and faster, which in turn could end the food shortages across, but are they safe? Do we trust these plants? Do we trust the people and companies to work for the benefit of the world and not profit? Or is this the beginning of the end where only the extremely wealthy can afford the fresh foods that these seeds will produce. I will discuss what are the pros and cons of using food that is genetically modified. GMO is…show more content…
But opponents for GMO continue to fight and protest the safety of any GMO’s and are we truly ready for them, currently agricultural plants are one of the most frequently used examples of genetically modified organisms, some benefits of genetic engineering in agriculture are increased crop yields, which advocates believe will reduced the costs of food and reduce the need for pesticides. They also believe that they enhance the nutrient composition of food quality and is resistance to pests and disease, many feel that using GMO’s can benefit the world 's growing…show more content…
Well GMO’s allows food flavors to become enhanced because they are engineered, corn can become extra sweeter, peppers can become spicier, and the flavor can be enhanced without losing its nutrients. GMOs have better resistance to diseases, as well as pests. The GMO’s can allow plants have their own vaccine because a vaccine can be encoded into them genetically. Because of genetic modification the crops can be made to carry more vitamins and make it possible to increase the health of the people consuming the food. This benefit is especially important for food consumers in developing countries where people don’t always have access to essential nutritional resources. Since GMO’s will be cheaper countries that are currently suffering from starvation and malnutrition can afford to provide it people fresh food that they currently do not have access too. Seeds can be purchased by these underdeveloped counties and can be planted it the hottest area in the would and they can still grow. Using food that is alerted could also open up other nations and allow all of us to enjoy food that is produced and enjoyed in other countries and other countries can enjoy the foods that we have in this country. It may be possible that countries like Cuba could lift the food rationing that they currently use and the people of Venezuela could import food that their people can
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