Arm-Intense Cardio Exercise

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If your upper arms continue to wave goodbye long after you've stopped, maybe it's time to reduce that jiggle. Excess fat tends to settles in the back of the upper arms and commonly plagues women. In addition to eating healthy, exercise can help slim down your body, including the excess fat in your upper arms. When the wobbly bits are gone, you'll be left with toned, slim arms that will be your best accessories.
Arm-Intense Cardio Exercise
A deficit of 500 calories a day is required to lose 1 pound of fat a week. Doing 150 to 300 minutes of moderate cardio a week can burn calories and help you accumulate this deficit. Although most cardio engages your lower body, engaging your upper body at the same time can burn more calories. Consider swimming laps using a breaststroke or front crawl, swing walking poles back and forth during brisk walks, pedal on an elliptical with moving handles, play racquetball, or take a cardio-kickboxing class.
Pushups to Firm Up
Pushups can be part of a biweekly, full-body strength-training routine that helps you lose weight and inches; muscle tissue burns mo...

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