Argumentative Essay On Yppie Eugenics

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What if you had no choice in the matter of how you are made and were exactly like everyone else? In Ruth Hubbard’s and Stuart Newman’s article, “Yuppie Eugenics,” which appeared in the March 1st, 2002 issue of Z Magazine, conclusively states that the process of genetically modifying embryos and the modern choices in scientific molecular genetics, prenatal genetic engineering are unprincipled ways to improve the human species bloodlines. The idea of Eugenics is generally the process of trying to enhance the human race to be a perfect version of itself and attempts to eradicate anything that may prevent this from happening. The technique of genetically modifying fetuses to the parent’s desires remains risky and is still under study to make sure…show more content…
The idea of genetically modifying an embryo poses the immoral view that humans, who are seen as abnormal, are not as important in today’s society. Expanding from Choice Eugenics, the idea of modifying an embryo has become a process that many scientists are trying to normalize. This process of gene therapy, also known as germ-line engineering, is a fairly new topic of discussion that has been criticized by many for a variety of different reasons. The genetic modification of an embryo poses large threat to the fetus and demonstrates harmful affects which can lead to negative health defects in its future. Many of the technologies used in this process of gene modification are dangerous and can cause significant risk to a fetus. People who support Yuppie Eugenics tend to have a very selfish mindset in thinking that it is okay to change a human being without their own consent and do not realize the repercussions of their actions. Gene therapy creates false unscientific notions of impractical gene information of the fetus that are likely to have more problems than to solve them. Since the experimental procedures “prove dangerous results (laboratory mice had malformations, increased cancer rates, and behavioural irregularities), Yuppie Eugenics poses risks for ‘persons’ who have barley been conceived” (Hubbard & Newman, 2002, para. 13). According to Hubbard and Newman, there is no justification…show more content…
The process of trying to perfect a human being in any way is a very immoral idea and should not be continued in the future as it can cause serious issues to the individual as well as society as a whole. The method of perfecting the human species causes more damage than good when specifically talking about the technologies used to modify genes. By trying to perfect those who are not considered normal, Eugenics causes society to hinder the ability to accept and understand people who are different and creates a larger border around social inequalities. Finally, the process of cloning is an unethical way of enhancing the population not only because it is unreliable and poses large risks, but also due to the fact that it prevents the creation of diverse societies and breaks the ability to create a unique individual. All in all, the idea of Eugenics has proven to be a very unethical movement all throughout history an will continue to be this way due to the idea of genetic modification in advanced
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