The Benefits of Genetic Engineering

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Sam is a fifteen year old girl who has been fighting cystic fibrosis her whole life, and at this age she knows her life is cut short and will barley make it past the age of thirty. Kids who are born with this have an abnormal gene, and something as simple as that can cut someone’s life short. Modern technology and science has changed the world we live in today, from creating things as simple as a play station four’s or a smart phone to creating the power to genetically clone human race. Scientist could genetically modify genes to be cured from diseases like cystic fibrosis, Huntington disease, and even breast cancer but many argue that this wouldn’t be an ethical thing to do. Although cloning has its benefits it also has its downfalls and because of this it is a very controversial topic in today’s society. I believe genetic engineering has more benefits than disadvantages because it will eliminate diseases, especially those that are known to cause premature death.
First off, it is understandable that genetic engineering seems to be unethical and because of this people have different thoughts and opinions based on this subject. Taking an embryo stem cell would cause destruction of the embryo to save the other person’s life, and some people see this as religiously and morally incorrect. However the big picture isn’t seen by many, and by allowing genetic engineering we will be able to save so many people’s lives that we never thought could be possible. Even though it is argued that we will not know exactly what will happen in the future of the genetically engineered person or how the new genes will react in their body, we do know that the risk is worth taking. People who do not give credit to genetic engineering think that “human g...

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...on of human embryos but they successfully argue that the benefits of therapeutic cloning outweigh the morally based objections regarding the process” (2011). Furthermore they emphasize the fact that human lives are spared and improved by the use of genetic engineering and that the destruction of human embryos can eventually be omitted out of the process in a near future through other forms of technology.
All in all, there is a considerable amount of information on genetic engineering and steam cell research that could be beneficial to the public. Although this topic remains of great debate it is essential that scientist come forward with these discoveries to help save people’s lives. It is obvious that many people believe that embryos represent the foundation for human life and destroying them is unethical, but without cloning multiple lives will be sacrificed.
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