Argumentative Essay On Animals

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To quote Jeremy Bentham in his book An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation, in regard to the consciousness of animals, "The question is not, 'Can they reason? ' nor, 'Can they talk? ' but rather, 'Can they suffer? '. It is far too common for us as humans – the top of the food chain - to forget that we are not the only beings on the planet capable of thought. It is very simple to lump together all the creatures deemed as unintelligent or insentient together and basically de-animalize them – stripping them of their own evolutionary accomplishments and cognitive or mental development. With no empathy or deeper understanding of these beasts, we are free of any moral weights on our consciousness that may come from forcing them to live in humiliating and revolting conditions and are fed a chemical concoction of hormones and chemicals. This unfair and unjust treatment of animals has touched the hearts of many individuals across the globe, influencing them to take up a new diet that with it brings about a new lifestyle. Vegetarianism (or veganism, for those who are serious about…show more content…
Simply put, those who practice living as a vegetarian abstain from red (and white meat, like pork), fish, shellfish, and all other kinds of animal flesh. They do not partake in carnivorous or even omnivorous pastimes, like eating hot dogs or freshly grilled hamburgers and steaks. Their diet consists of almost completely fruits, vegetables, nuts (and seeds), berries, and very rarely animal byproducts, such as eggs and the many forms in which dairy comes. Since these “true” vegetarians have sworn themselves of the meat of other living creatures, they must find other sources of protein. This mainly comes from many different types of nuts (that contain many other vitamins, minerals, and fatty oils), and a surprising array of vegetables, like avocados or
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