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Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by the removal or expulsion of a fetus or embryo from the uterus before viability ( Those who disagree with abortion think that this is not right, mid evil and a form of murder. All of those thoughts are correct; abortion is the act of removing a fetus from the protection of the mother’s uterus. However, is it not the duty of the mother to protect her unborn child? In this day in age, we are still allowing this barbaric method of ending a pregnancy to happen despite the many alternatives. If an unexpected pregnancy should occur, abortion should not the only option. There are many reasons why abortion should not be illegal in all parts of the world, and people need to know the options available. Adoption is certainly a strong option in a world wanting for children. Abortion is not a method of birth control and people need to be educated on pregnancy prevention and take on some responsibilities.
Many people do not realize that at the moment of conception life begins, it is a medical fact, once conceived; the structure of life is beginning to take place (Medical Testimony). Whether it is a mammal, sea creature, or even insects, they all start life as humans do. Directly following conception, there is an unreplaceable genetic code made that is unique and made to thrive but is destroyed without ever getting the chance to reach full potential.
The process of human development is very complex. It is a continual process, providing gradual development for the fetus. Some of the most important factors to fetal development such as blood flow, heart beats, muscle development, and brain activity can all be determined within the first seven weeks of pregnancy (Baby Developme...

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...e also preventative measures that can be put into place to avoid conception such as birth control and protected sex. They are simple steps that are not taken into consideration based on society’s effect on the world. Aborting an unborn fetus is not an activity that happens once and it is done, it continues to dwell on all of the individuals involved with the process. Abortion is a cruel action to perform and has other options. Individuals who are pro-life consider the fact that even as a young fetus, it is a human being. Abortion is a very controversial topic. There are many different aspects to consider before receiving an abortion; cultural opinions, psychological effects on the woman, and the termination of an already developing fetus. Abortion not only takes away individual tissues forming, it has the potential to take away a future friend, sibling or spouse.
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