Argumentative Essay: Barbie As A Role Model

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Barbie is Role Model Material
Barbie is a doll in which does not possess any human characteristics. Although this plastic doll is not real, it is causing a lot of controversy over the human race acquainted with Barbies. Some people say that Barbie is not an appropriate role model for young children... However, regardless of what adults say about Barbies, children love playing with them. There is no reason to believe that a piece of plastic with hair is not a good role model. Barbie teaches responsibility and ambition, teaches children to be what they want to be, and also brings joy to children and friends in her Barbie world.
Barbie is definitely considered very independent when it comes to getting what she wants. She is portrayed as very responsible, mature, and classy. Barbie lives life how she wants, because she got herself to the point where she is stable in her career and income. She had a variety of jobs, ranging from working as a football …show more content…

For example, Barbie worked as a NASCAR driver and an army officer which would usually be considered occupations for men. Barbie is trying to portray a message saying that no matter your gender or race, you can do exactly what you want because you have potential. Barbie is putting aside the gender roles and focusing on her personal wants. Bridget Seelinger, a student columnist from The Duquesne Duke, says ““You can be anything you want to be,” is a message that resonates with both sexes, but with young girls today, is especially needed” (Seelinger). The fact that she participated in a lot of the so called “jobs for men,” has made a lot of girls and boys realize that they can do those jobs too regardless of what society says. Barbie does not necessarily identify as a feminist, but does indeed believe people should have equal rights, especially when coming down to a certain

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