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America’s first wave of immigration began in 1840 through 1860 and lead to many demographic changes. Population increased due to natural reproduction and immigration. Many immigrants relocated to America seeking economic growth and opportunity or to escape religious persecution and political tensions. The Irish and the Germans were the first immigrants to migrate to America during the first wave of immigration. Each group had different reasons for settlement, but both faced discrimination from the Nativists. The Irish arrived in America during the 1840s to escape the potato famine, which was a massive crop failure due to diseased potato plants. The Irish also came to America for religious freedom so that they may worship under a non-state …show more content…

The Nativists feared the immigrants because Americans were outnumbered, outvoted, and overwhelmed. The Nativists established the Order of the Star-Spangled Banner, which demanded restrictions on immigration and even promoted violence against immigrants. This soon transformed into the American Party, also known as the Know- Nothings. The American Party claimed the immigrants were a threat to American values and democracy. For example anti-Irish feeling was high for several reasons. The Irish were poor and the cities they lived in eventually developed into slums. The American people blamed the Irish for the crime, disease, and corruption taking place. To take another case in point, The Irish were Catholic and many Americans were Protestant. The American belief was Catholics could not be trusted because they were more loyal to the Pope than the United States Government. The Germans were seen as anti-American for preserving their culture and language when they emigrated to America. The truth that many Americans failed to see was immigrants created a racially and ethnically diverse …show more content…

The Irish migrated to America to flee from famine and were poor due to lack of money and skill. They were forced to work in factories and became political chess pieces to political machines like Tammany Hall. The Germans relocated to America to escape economic hardship and political tensions. Many farmers, artisans, and rebels of the failed revolutions of 1848 came to America for a better life. The Germans were wealthy and were able to move westward to further increase their capital. The Nativists condemned the presence of immigrants in America because of the crime and disease they brought with them, and for being politically liberal and integrators of

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