APUSH DBQ Research Paper: 1877-2018 Timeline

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TimeLine. 1877-2018 141 Year Timeline Presidential Election 1877 During 1877 Rutherford B. Hayes was elected as president of the united states on March 2. Although Samuel J. Tilden had won the popular vote on november 7, 1876. He was considered a bad president because of his circumstances of his election. This left him weak and subject to pressure from the south. There was also good things about him he always supported America. Tilden won the popular vote by approximately 250,000 votes. Ruther is now known as are 19 president. Help from: https://www.quora.com/Was-Rutherford-B-Hayes-a-good-president-or-not-Did-he-do-a... The War to End All Wars. 1914-1918 WWI is one of the greatest wars of all time. This war started during July 28, 1914 and ended in November 11, 1918. This war was started chained events and finally war happened. The most ironic thing was it ended at 11am on the 11 day and on the 11 month that war ended. At the start everyone was expecting Germany to win but it turned out different and the lost the first war. Germany signed an agreement that there would be no more fighting and to end the war between the countries. Germany was one of the central power of the war. There was no clear winner but Germany was in a …show more content…

1931 Thomas Edison an American inventor one of the greatest inventor of all time, he created many things but one of his masterpieces was the light bulb. He was also a businessman but mainly known as an the greatest American inventor. He created the light bulb during October 18, 1931. Also created many device like the motion picture camera. The light bulb was definitely was one of his greater inventions. They could be used in small spaces that need to be lit and was not toxic and was very easy and cheap to make and buy. Also had the best rendering of a 100 which is the best possible. Help from:

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