The Underlying Cause Of World War I

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The underlying cause of World War I was the build up of Nationalism, Imperialism, and Militarism in the 1800s. The “three isms” caused this great war due to the outcry in which they caused within the countries and their citizens including military build up, severe nationalism, patriotism, and extending a country 's power and influence through diplomacy or military force.

World War I was one of most brutal and largest wars that ha world has ever experienced. World War I was a war fought in many countries all over the world including Europe, France, Russia, Britain, France, the United States and many other countries. Although World War I officially began on July 28th, 1914, this war has been building up for quite a bit of time. The issues started minor but began to grow larger until the official date of the war was declared much like a domino affect.

Nationalism, the spirit or aspirations common to the whole of a nation, an importing factor to many countries due to its importance; The people of their nation and their “ality” makes up the country they choose to be and grow in. Citizens showed their nationalism through national anthems and written passages as Russia has done, which contains the saying that they will never be conquered or overthrown (document five). However, due to the utmost prominence of their patriotism reaching out to other countries, it helped cause the First World War, World War I.

Due to the heavy zealousness developed within countries, it created a barrier where the possibilities of peace between former rivals less plausible. A great example of this severe nationalism was presented in Document four, a primary political cartoon created on August 5, 1914 by John T. McCucheon. This political cartoon consist o...

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...ead as these countries journey to take over many other countries and vast amounts of land demonstrated from 1912 through 1918. The amount of land conquered by the end of 1918 was so vast that Britain, France, and Germany had a collective size of forty-four million, seven hundred ninety-five thousand sq. km.

Although the war seemed to start because of Germany, there were many underlying causes of the war. The cause of this magnificent tragic war was because of the build up of Nationalism, Imperialism, and Militarism in the 1800s. This lead to the overall tense emotion and troubles in each control, which later caused a domino, effect which lead into World War I. Another great extra document that would of helped a lot was more maps like the propaganda cartoons drawn about Germany, France, and Britain about other countries like, Belgium, Portugal, Holland, Italy, etc.

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