How Did The Light Bulb Change Thomas Edison's Life

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The light bulb changed how we lived now. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, as he grew up he was learning so much knowledge for chemistry and electronics, and his 40 years of research to get the light bulb to work. Thomas Edison is an inventor of major technology. Threw his years he had studied many books by his parents and been reading many books on chemistry and electricity. The more he grew up he started to pursue his education on chemistry and electronics for many years. The more he tried to invent things he had help making of the light bulb with a group of scientists. Thomas Edison is the one who made the light bulb become possible by pursuing more education. Thomas Edison was born in Ohio Milan, on February 11, 1847. His father and mother had seven children including Thomas. Thomas going to school at age eleven in public school but only lasted for 12 weeks. The problem he had was that he was a self-taught child. So his parents had to take him home a home school him. So his parents gave him chemistry and electronics books. Thomas was a smart kid growing up learning fast. But before he had plunged into great books before he was 12. Later Thomas is mother had got him chemicals to have him experiment. His first laboratory was the cellar of his family’s house. As he learned more he had…show more content…
So he had to face the fact he had to invent something that can handle so much energy without that much copper and that was suitable for small houses to use the light bulb. As many times they took to make the light bulb was tested more than 3,000 times. He also had tested many metals to make the light bulb. He also tested more than 4,000 plants to handle the filament material. While he had tried to figure that out he had extra help with a group of scientists he was working with for 40 years to make the light bulb
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