The Three Causes Of World War I

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In August of 1914, a war today known as World War I began. The World War 1 began as a war locally between Austria-Hungary and Serbia. It eventually grew into a war involving thirty-two different countries. The allies involved in World War 1 included Britain, France, Russia, Italy and the United States. These countries fought against Germany, Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary, and Bulgaria. A question frequently asked by many people is, what really caused World War 1 to happen. There are several different causes people believe that started World War I. Three causes mostly believed to be what started World War I are imperialism, nationalism, and militarism.

Imperialism was one of the things that played a major role in World War I. Imperialism is basically when one country tries to take over another country in various ways. Germany was attempting to control lands in Africa, which was a place that Britain and France had already established. (Brown, B. (2009, April 23). Causes of world war I (great war). Imperialism takes a lot of time to develop in terms of establishing the dominance needed to secure another nation or country. Therefore, imperialism is seen as a long-term cause WWI. (Brown, B. (2009, April 23). Causes of world war I (great war). By gaining land through imperialism, they had the idea that the country that gained the land would also gain valuable resources like the people and money. (Nationalism, imperialism, and militarism in world war I. (n.d.).

Nationalism played a huge role in starting World War I. Nationalism is when one nation has a lot of pride in their nation or country. Nationalism usually shown by the flags, national anthems, and other signature items. (Brown, B. (2009, April 23). Causes of world war I (great ...

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...y countries building and perfecting their war techniques, they were the most significant prior to the outbreak of WWI. It does not take long for these countries to find a reason to use their militaries against one another in an attempt to prove who is superior. (Brown, B. (2009, April 23). Causes of world war I (great war). Militarism was very important to countries that try to promote national interests. However it also created a very hostile and militaristic atmosphere in Europe countries. (Nationalism, imperialism, and militarism in world war I. (n.d.). Militarism was one of the most important thing to all of the countries that fought in World War I.

World War I was a huge war. Several countries were involved in World War I. Many lives were lost during this horrible time. Many people believe that imperialism, nationalism, and militarism caused it all to happen.