Water Purification Essay

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This paper is about water purification. Water that is safe to drink is called potable water. Our freshwater is definitely not evenly put out throughout the world ( More than half of the world’s water supply is contained in just nine different countries: United States, Colombia, Canada, Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo, China, India, Russia, and Indonesia ( The Middle Eastern countries use the least amount of water per person because there are very few natural and reliable sources of fresh and clean water. Right now more than a billion people (about 17% of the world’s population) don’t have access to clean water (
There are so many great ways to purify water, such as: slow sand, pressure sand, diatomaceous earth, porous stone/ceramic, paper or cloth, charcoal, reverse osmosis, boiling, iodine method, and enzymes and bacteria ( There are several ways to purify water to drink, but the taste of course is different. Reverse Osmosis tastes excellect, gravity filters taste excellent, purifiers are good, sip/squeeze bottles are also good, electronic devices are fair, and halogens are poor in taste. (
“Water purification is removing undesired chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from contaminated water” ( The first experiments for water purification and filtration were in the seventeenth century. Sir Francis Bacon attempted to remove salts from seawater by passing through a filter made up of sand, charcoal, and rocks ( Water filtration has grown and become more advanced in technology over the past centuries (www.a...

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...o store water one has to first boil the water for at least one minute. Then let the water cool. After that, add two drops of household bleach per gallon to maintain water quality during the storage time. One can use any household bleach. Use either Clorox or Purex to treat the water. Remember to filter cloudy water before adding any bleach. Make sure to mix the water and bleach thoroughly and let sit for one hour. Boiling water to purify is the best-known way to kill all the microorganisms ( “If your tap water is unsafe, boiling is the best method to kill disease causing organisms” ( One has to be very careful if they are going to drink the water because many chemicals are not removed by boiling (
The Distillation water process is one of the earliest methods of water purification and treatment (