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Small farms surrounded by the wild. There weren’t enough farmers so they could only look after 1 acre at a time. They always needed more land because tobacco used up much of the fertility in soil. They looked for land near rivers to help them from carrying the heavy loads. Most of the religion was Protestants whom attended church on Sundays and followed the doctrine of the church. But most of the colonists paid more attention to the advancement and profit of tobacco rather than their religion. In 1632 Lord Baltimore discovered Maryland for the Catholics but most of the people who worked there were Protestants. Tobacco turned into their faith. A farmer who only had enough land to support his family. The land contained servants and some family …show more content…

Secondly, death rate decreased so more servants lived along with indentures which made landless freemen mad. Thirdly, farmers were able to buy slaves, be merchants, and get credit. In the 1670s society had conflict with landowners and the landless. Social distinctions between owners and servants. In 1670 freemen could vote to elect planters or farmers to legislature. No servant was part of the House of Burgesses until 1640. In 1670 poor men voting was outlawed. The king became more strict with his colonies just to get revenue from his people and the Navigation Acts put some restriction too because they could only trade with England. Was a policy that determined what was good and it focused mostly on the importation of tobacco as part of the Navigation Acts of 1660. Finally in 1644 both the colonist and the Algonquians agreed on a treaty which made them both happy. The Indians got a part of land in the wilderness beyond the settlement while the Indians left the English with what they already had. They hoped that this could increase the peace between the two. Population continued to grow which caused some colonists to cross over to the Indians

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