Ap World History Dbq Research Paper

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The Classical Period, dating from 600 BCE to 600 CE, was the primary era, in world history, in which trade between distant regions of the globe flourished. With major trade routes being formed, such as the Silk Road that linked Asia and Europe, interactions between different peoples became a reality, and because of this a major cultural diffusion occurred. Through trade, many regions experienced changes to their economic, social, and religious establishments from the exchange of goods, ideas, beliefs, and more. Many changes were witnessed in the economic structures of different regions as trade flourished within the Eurasian trade routes. Trade routes allowed for sedentary civilizations to connect with more nomadic groups, and this allowed for many to exchange goods with drastically different groups outside of their own regions. Different goods appeared out of regions such as…show more content…
Cultural diversity became a major effect of the actions of merchants. As merchants traveled further to distant lands, they tied themselves to the local culture by marrying women within the region. This led to many bicultural families being formed, allowing for cultures to spread and thrive in distant regions. Trade also allowed for different civilizations to gain a certain social appreciation for the cultures of other regions. As more travelers and merchants from Europe, such as Marco Polo, traveled along these trade routes, they returned to their respective societies with stories of the distant regions within Asia and their cultures. As the products of these travels were incorporated into different societies’ lives and recordings of travels became well-known, an appreciation for the Asian culture grew as more knowledge was gained. The recordings of travelers also increased the desire in many for access to the goods within the East, allowing for trade to flourish
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