Salutary Neglect Research Paper

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The colonies experienced much freedom due to Britain’s policy of Salutary Neglect. Britain’s policy of salutary neglect played a huge role in the development of the American colonies. Although the colonies were British settlements, Britain did not force their rules and beliefs onto them. The lack of strong British rule allowed the colonies to have a say in what type of nation they wished to become. Salutary Neglect enabled the colonies to develop religious freedoms, legislative assemblies, such as the House of Burgesses, and improved the American commerce by allowing the colonies to violate trading laws such as the Navigation Act. Britain’s system of Salutary Neglect allowed each colony to establish its own system of government and legislative assembly over time. In 1619, Virginia established the House of Burgesses which was the first legislative assembly in America. The House of Burgesses met once a year to discuss growing conflicts in the colony and to enact laws that would help their colony flourish. In 1620, the Mayflower Compact was signed, setting up a governmental system where the people came together as a community and enforced laws that helped the colony of Massachusetts prosper. In 1649, the colonial assembly of Maryland passed the Maryland Toleration Act. The Maryland Toleration Act guaranteed religious tolerance to Christians in Maryland but allowed the persecution of those who denied…show more content…
Colonies such as Virginia kept the British Anglican religion while others practiced other religions or believed in religious tolerance. Maryland established Catholicism as its dominant religion but welcomed other settlers such as Christians and Protestants. Puritans dominated Massachusetts with their strong beliefs and strict laws. Religious minorities such as Quakers, Jews, and Baptists, settled in Rhode Island. Salutary Neglect led to America becoming a religiously mixed
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