Manufactured Servitude In Colonial America

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Indentured servitude was an important role in the development of America. Lonely men with no wives or land came from England to work for master that would pay their way to America. The need for labor increased due to more farming, and the need for land increased as well. While mercantilism played a significant part in influencing the colonial economy, the development of cash crops impacted the amount of labor needed. Labor systems failed leading to a major need for labor. Ultimately evolving into chattel slavery. Cash crops had a massive impact on Britain's economics and the colonists economy. It was important in southern states likes Virginia and South Carolina. John Rolfe effectively made the Tobacco crop work in favor for Virginia. Tobacco was mostly grown on big plantations, with growth of the plantations the plantation owner need more labor to work their fields. In South Carolina, rice was the main crop to grow on the larger plantations. Some of the first African American slaves to come to the colonies ended up in South Carolina. Same thing that happened in Virginia happened in South…show more content…
Great Britain placed the Navigation act into place in the 1660s, it was made so that the colonies were more dependent on Britain for manufactured goods. The Navigation Acts were also made so England could have a tighter hold on the colonists trade and them. There were goods from The New World that could only be sent to British like fur,tobacco, and sugar. The Triangle Trade was another thing that Britain added to the colonists shoulders. It was sort of like a triangle with goods from Britain shipped to the Colonists and Africa, then the Colonists products were shipped to Europe, and African American slaves to the Colonists. England used this to their advantage because they could take the goods that were sent to them then send them out again, creating money for the mother
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