College Education Outweigh It 's Cost

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Does the investment in a college education outweigh it’s cost? Must learning new things and becoming a smarter person have to take so much money that not everyone has. Going off to college has become more expensive than it ever has been. Over the years, it 's been statistically proven how the cost of a class and entrance of college is really high. Students with low income sometimes get waived and sometimes not. Is there really a price on education. I believe that education should not have a cost, which will never happen but at least lowers the number of fees. The outweigh of college impacts the economy in a negative matter because people doubt on education is it really worth it, which also impacts positively because some people still are willing to pay the cost of education. To begin with, I believe that author Abel Jaison and Deitz Richard are correct based on their information. Tuition over the years has become really expensive and something that not everyone can afford anymore. It 's never been easy to attend college but as the years pass it 's got tougher. Like the author explains it 's more about the money now in days instead of the type of education that is being taught to others. Another example the author gave was “ trends that have led many observers to question whether a college education remains a good investment “. The statement is explaining how we human beings doubt the use of education in the long run because of the amount of money being asked for. On the other side, colleges have started to ask for more fees on everything than ever before, This makes it harder for us to try the attempt of going off to college. To enroll in classes, go to orientation, ask for some necess... ... middle of paper ... ...ry with me.? Even though it will be expensive to get the benefits of college it 's come to a conclusion that investing in a college education still appears to be a wise economic decision for the average person. While getting into your career there may be careers such as a 40-year career that would be about $25,000 per year. Workers with a bachelor’s degree earn well over $1 million more than high school graduates during their work career after high school. This author concludes that many people are full in debt because of college needs. In conclusion, I believe that the benefits of college still outweigh the cost. For the reason that no matter what college will always be something that 's the heavier than something else. The college will always ask for money and for that reason I do believe that the benefits of college outweigh the cost.

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