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Annotated Bibliography Pratt, Katherine. "A Constructive Critique Of Public Health Arguments For Antiobesity Soda Taxes And Food Taxes." Tulane Law Review 87.1 (2012): 73-140. Academic Search Complete. Web. 24 Mar. 2014. Summary: “This Article constructively critiques the two arguments that public health advocates have made in support of anti-obesity soda taxes or junk food taxes. Part II discusses and critiques the first argument, an economic externalities argument that government should tax soda or junk food to internalize the disproportionately high health care costs of obesity. Part III discusses and critiques the second argument made by public health advocates, that government should adopt anti-obesity measures to improve population-wide health. Consider possible unintended consequences of anti-obesity proposals. Obesity policy debates present a conflict of fundamental values, such as health, fairness, efficiency, and autonomy. Part TV attempts to reconcile these values and responds to the "personal responsibility" objection to soda taxes and food taxes. Part V considers various factors that would affect behavioral responses to proposed soda taxes and food taxes and addresses concerns that such taxes would be regressive and thus unfair to low-income consumers. Part VI suggests the way forward for public health advocates, including a proposal to enact a tax on nutritionally poor foods and drinks, paired with a salient benefit. This Part also recommends enactment of a federal system of food classification, based on nutrient-profiling methods, along with a federal system of front-of-package nutritional labeling.” (Pratt) About the source: • Is from a database. The source is an article • It shares both sides of the National Sod... ... middle of paper ... ...e a tax on pie when majority of the American population can make it on their own? It makes one look is this tax even necessary at all, when the nation has availability of multiple food items that do worst effects than sugary beverage. About the source: It is an article About the Author: • “Jonathan Klick is professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School” ( from database) • “Eric A. Helland is the Robert J. Lowe Professor of Economics at Claremont McKenna College”. (from database) Usage of this source: It has research studies that have been conducted and the results stimulated a result. Quotes to be used: "Why single out sugar-sweetened beverages when cookies, candy, and other products with lots of added sugar and fats are equally unhealthy, consumed in large quantities and very inexpensive partly due to generous farm subsidies” (Klick & Helland)
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