Ankle Injury In Dance

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If you are a dancer, parent of a dancer or a dance instructor you should know the possible injuries that come with and how to avoid it. There's are a lot that goes into may look easy but it requires a lot of effort, stamina and flexibility. All of this can result in injuries to hip, ankles and even stress fractures. The most common injury that occurs in dancing are ankle injuries because dancing puts so much pressure on that part of your body and without realizing you run a high risk of harming your ankle. Let me tell you all you need to know about this injury. All information here was written by Andrea Lasner and Amanda Greene on Johns Hopkins Medicine website. Ankle injuries are common in the dance industry because they happen unexpectedly. When an ankle is sprained, ligaments on the inside or outside of your foot get twisted or overstretched.They're usually caused by incorrect landing. The ankle is frequently injured in dance because it accounts for 57% of dancers’ reported injuries . Which is why people need acknowledge the problem and take precaution to find out what the symptoms are, how to prevent it and how to handle the injury. The ankle is frequently injured in dance because it accounts for 57% of dancers’…show more content…
Often the ankle starts to swell immediately and may develop bruising. The affected area is usually tender to touch and may feel unstable. In the beginning it pains immensely but later the pain dissolves but you may not be able to put pressure on that foot. When you're dancing and you feel uncomfortable, don't overuse your foot and give it a break. If the pain is very strong and has been badly bruised you should go to an emergency medicine doctor and ask for an x-ray to eliminate the fear of a broken bone. If it still hurt, you should go see a physical
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